New Patients:

Please fax, email or post your referral to the practice prior to your appointment. Please arrive 5 minutes before your first appointment to complete the new patient form and allow information to be entered into our computer system.

What to Bring to Your Appointment:

  1. Referral from your GP or specialist. This will allow you to claim a portion of the consultation fee and any procedure costs from Medicare.
  2. Your medicare card and details of any private health insurance.
  3. Imaging: please bring a CD or hardcopy films of any CT Scan, MRI Scan or other radiology images. You may need to collect this directly from your radiology provider.
  4. Other tests: please bring a copy of any audiograms, blood tests or other recent investigations.
  5. A list of current medications and allergies.
  6. New patient form: this will be posted to you when you make your booking and can be completed in advance, or can be completed upon arrival.

What to expect during your appointment

Tim will take a history from you and then perform an examination. Depending upon the findings, Tim may recommend further investigations including specialist in rooms procedures such as flexible nasal endoscopy and microscopic ear inspection and cleaning.

Flexible Nasal endoscopy

This in-rooms procedure involves the comprehensive inspection of the upper aero-digestive tract using a very fine flexible scope that is passed through the nose. Topical anaesthesia can be sprayed into the nose to facilitate a more comfortable examination. Tim will discuss the findings with you during the consultation.

Microscopic ear inspection, cleaning and surgery

These in-rooms procedures involve the examination of the external ear canals, tympanic membrane (ear drum) and middle ear with the assistance of an operating binocular microscope. Specialised microscopic instruments will be used to clean the ear under direct vision. Tim will discuss the findings of the procedure with you during your consultation. Minor operations including the placement of a ventilation tube (also known as a grommet) can be performed in the rooms for adults using local anaesthesia.

Minor procedures

Minor procedures including biopsies of skin lesions and the oral cavity can be performed upon adults in the rooms using local anaesthesia.